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Iroha Nature’s clean beauty and natural ingredients universe

Iroha Nature products have become a must have in your beauty routine, because they allow you to show your best version of yourself in the most natural and sustainable way. Pampering your skin as it deserves is one of our main missions and in line with this philosophy, we claim the importance of the Clean Beauty concept. 

Iroha Nature's Clean Beauty: as natural as you are

Under our Clean Beauty principles, our products do not include any ingredients suspected of causing the slightest harm to your skin. They do not contain “questionable” ingredients, such as silicones or parabens, but natural formulas that contain a maximum of ingredients of natural origin.  

Following this philosophy of caring for your skin while taking care of the environment, we propose the most iconic Clean Beauty products that will become the best allies to show off the skin you are looking for: 

Face Masks

Composed of more than 95% of natural ingredients, Iroha Nature’s facial masks are the perfect intensive hydration option to show off the face we deserve. The range of masks are peeling, soothing, plumping, pro-youth or illuminating composed of tissue, an environmentally friendly material made of botanical origin that comes from sustainable plantations. 

Body care

Designed to hydrate our hands and feet, the body line consists of special masks for hands and feet, in sock and glove format, whose clean and natural formulas will achieve visible results in just fifteen minutes, thanks to natural ingredients such as peach or argan oil. 

Products for feet care

Products for hand care

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