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The new face masks that you’ll love

Three new treatment face masks with powerful skin benefits thanks to the combination and high concentration of innovative ingredients that will help you achieve your best skin. 

The brand’s new face masks, 100% biodegradable, like all our sheet masks, are here to stay and become an essential part of your beauty routine. With ingredients such as Bakuchiol, Glycolic Acid (awarded by important beauty awards) and Triple Hyaluronic Acid, they contain clean formulas and natural ingredients. 

Bakuchiol for smoother skin

Finalist of the Pure Beauty Global Awards 2021 as Best New Vegan Beauty Product, the  Smoothing & Hydrating 100% biodegradable sheet mask with Bakuchiol helps skin look younger, smoother and healthy looking

Wrinkles and pores look less visible, thanks to Peptides and Bakuchiol, the vegan alternative to Retinol without the negative effects of Retinol and can be used during the day and by most skin types.


This facial mask contains 97% certified ingredients of natural origin. Among its ingredients, there is Bakuchiol, which improves skin appearance, Peptides that help make skin look smoother and wrinkles less visible and Hyaluronic acid, which deeply hydrates.

Glowing skin 

This masks exfoliates the skin removing excess oil, dead skin and impurities. gives brightness while provides hydration. eliminates skin impurities and helps visibly reduce imperfections.

Indicated for mature skin, with impurities or dull skin.

This facial mask contains 95% certified ingredients of natural origin. Among its ingredients, there is Glycolic Acid, which brightens the skin, Centella Asiatica, which improves hydration and soothes skin and Hyaluronic acid which provides hydration.

Instantly Plumps

Improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while provides deep hydration. Plumps the skin, softens imperfections and brightens.

This Plumpling & Ultra-hydrating facial mask contains 96% certified ingredients of natural origin. Among its ingredients, there are 3 types of hyaluronic acid: High molecular weight hyaluronic acid helps to hydrate and smooth the top layer of the skin. Medium molecular weight hyaluronic acid helps to deeply hydrate the skin. Low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid improves wrinkles and fine lines appearance.

The material of the sheet mask is biodegradable and its formulation does not contain allergens. It is indicated for all skin types, especially mature skin.

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